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I drive performance for individuals and teams.  I help you go from

where you’re at, to where you want to be.


Like a coach on the sidelines, I bring an objective perspective to your situation.  Through my discovery-based approach, I help you clarify objectives, emphasize strengths, unlock potential and practice accountability. Like a high-performance athlete, you will practice drills and interventions to equip you with specific skills and a mindset shift

to facilitate movement toward your goals.


You’re a butt kicker who likes to get shhhh done! But you’re feeling stuck.  Maybe you’re not clear on the target? Maybe you’re not clear

on the pathway? Maybe you need some tools for the journey? Maybe

you need corner man to keep you on course?

Seeking change and Urban Happiness?

Schedule an appointment CLICK HERE 

Contact me at (c) 416-938-3330; (m) or

(t) @tthemovement.

Jason Sealy
Jason Sealy
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